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Small Town Music Video Edition: THE SCOOP

Written by TELUS on Wednesday March 16, 2016

Ready to get $10,000 to create a music video? Here’s an easy breakdown to throw your hat in the ring.

The most important thing to remember if you want to participate in the STORYHIVE Music Videos: Small Town Edition is this - you need a Musician Lead and a Filmmaker Lead to sign up in the STORYHIVE Creators Directory. Also, your Project Lead, whether a musician or filmmaker, HAS to be from a small town. Here’s how to apply:

1. You need a Musician Lead

The musician or band for your project has to sign up and make a profile in the STORYHIVE Creators Directory. Fill out your profile with as much info as possible to show others in the directory who you are and what you’re all about.

2. You ALSO need a Filmmaker Lead

Whoever is the big cheese on the film side of the project needs to create a profile as well. Whether you’re a director, producer or costume designer, you can be the Filmmaker lead for your project.

3. Make a bangin’ profile

When filling out your profile, make sure that it’s as complete and bright as possible. An awesome picture, succinct elevator pitch and detailed bio will make you a perfect candidate for collaboration.

4. Partner up!

Musician Leads and Filmmaker Leads now have to partner up to apply for a project. If you need someone to partner up with, you can search the Creators Directory to find the band, director, producer, etc. of your dreams. If you’re already partnered up, create your profiles and start the process of applying for your music video project! The Musician or Filmmaker Lead who will apply on behalf of your project is called the PROJECT Lead. BUT please refer to step 5 to make sure your Project Lead is qualified to apply.

5. Hold up - Make sure your PROJECT Lead is from a small town

This is the STORYHIVE Music Videos: Small Town Edition after all! Your Project Lead, whether musician or filmmaker, HAS to be from a small town. (See here to see if your town qualifies as a small town). Musicians or filmmakers from major cities are still eligible to apply, but they cannot be the Project Lead.

6. Pitch + Plan

To recap: you now have both a Musician Lead and a Filmmaker Lead for your project, you’ve both signed up as part of the Creators Directory and now one of you, who is from a small town, is the Project Lead and will apply on behalf of your project. The Project Lead will create and fill out a project profile where you’ll give us the scoop on your project’s info like the name of the your song, your treatment, your budget, etc. Once that info is complete, you’ll submit your project and wait and see if you’ve been selected as a STORYHIVE funded project!

7. Watch For Revision Requests

Once all your elements are submitted, the STORYHIVE team may send you a request to make revisions. You will receive a revision request via email. You must make any required revisions before the deadline.

Way to go and good luck!! Can’t wait to see what you content creators have been up to.

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Voting Starts Today To Select The Top Two Digital Shorts Winners – Help Support Your Local Content Creators!

Written by TELUS on Monday February 29, 2016

Hi Hive Community!

The wait is over – we’re excited to announce that the Top 30 finalists from B.C. and Alberta, who each won $10,000 production grants from STORYHIVE, have now produced their final Digital Shorts. Starting today until March 4, you can view and vote for your favourite digital shorts.

Head to storyhive.com to cast your votes and have a say in who gets chosen as the Digital Shorts winners! Check out the synopses below to learn more about each short.

And here’s a quick refresher about what happens next: one Digital Short will be selected from each province, and the well-deserving winners will then receive customized career training a scholarship to the Banff World Media Festival and distribution on select TELUS platforms! Stay tuned for the winners announcement in March.

STORYHIVE is rooted in the community – we are in it to support homegrown talent. So think of voting as more than just a simple click. It’s about having your voice heard and helping ignite local talent. The more we collectively participate, the more content is produced for all of us to enjoy and the stronger our arts scenes become. It’s a domino effect so we encourage you to help get the word out by sharing the content with your friends and networks. After all, filmmakers are only as strong as their fan base is; so let’s keep building our community!

Thanks for your support!

Jonas Woost

Senior Digital Strategy Manager @ TELUS Optik Local and STORYHIVE

Top 15 Finalists from Alberta:

Category - Factual

  • Surf Anywhere, by Desiree Bilon (Calgary): You can surf anywhere – even 1500m above sea level and 1000km away from the nearest ocean.
  • One One Thousand, by Justin Brunelle (Edmonton): A photographer and his assistant scale one of the regions most daunting mountains to take the first summit photograph of the area in 1894.

Category: Scripted

  • Don’t Walk Among The Dead, by Satinder Kossoana (Calgary): In an ice cold post apocalyptic world, a young girl must choose between her sick sister's life or her own survival.
  • Slug Brothers, by Peter Kominek (Calgary): Ernest's two freeloading brothers fear their eviction after he gets a date. All three brothers are giant slugs.
  • Psyborgs, by David Hiatt (Calgary): The heroic John Carbon leads an elite team of psychic super-soldiers, the PSYBORGS, who must band together to destroy the evil forces of T.O.X.I.N.
  • I Love You Johnny, by Ingrid Vargas (Calgary): Things are going steady for Johnny and Lou, but their ideas about what true love really means, differ quite drastically.
  • Recruiting Hell, by Randy Brososky (Edmonton): See what makes the employees of Hell LLP tick in this making-of a recruitment video for the underworld's most dangerous and dysfunctional corporation.
  • Time Theft, by Marwa Salama (Edmonton): A group of strangers are brought together to go back 20 years to pull off a heist orchestrated by their future selves.
  • The Worm Man, by Tanisha Kotowich (Edmonton): A desperate mother delves into an alternate reality of her son's trapped mind and save him from an evil entity created by a dark family secret.
  • The Good Survivor, by Tito Guillen (Fort McMurray): A young man with cerebral palsy tries to prove to his travel companion that he has what it takes to survive in an undead world.

Category: Experimental

  • House of Mumba, by Norm Fassbender (Edmonton): Jordy and Mumba (a voodoo doll) conspire to save the crumbling House of Mumba from an evil Condo-Maniac.
  • Monster Space Bungalow, by Jordan Bloemen (Edmonton): The story of a bunch of monsters, stranded in a bungalow, floating through space, burning time until they can find a place to call home.
  • Raven Steals the Light, by Sharlene Millang (Edmonton): Raven is the craftiest of all creatures. In this animation, Raven steals the light of the world, pursued by his nemesis who wants to keep it himself.
  • Noonright, by Castle Acadia Creative Team (Calgary): Noonright follows the life of a blind and orphaned young girl named Midgi, who is lead away by a spirit after it promises to restore her vision.
  • A Red Pill, by Dan Olson (Calgary): Experimental video project exploring the pressures of masculine identity in the age of the internet.

Top 15 Finalists from British Columbia:

Category - Factual

  • Fearless, by Ryan Mah (Vancouver): Just because you lack sight, doesn’t mean you lack vision. Amber Thomas would be the first blind woman to attempt to swim across the English Channel.
  • Big Lew, by Lauren Bercovitch (Vancouver): In a time when people had no idea what a computer was, a man risked it all to open a store and sell the first personal computer.

Category: Scripted

  • Collider, by Jaime Alain (Vancouver): COLLIDER is a psychological sci-fi love story that sees Dawn travel across the infinite multiverse all without leaving her living room.
  • Finding Fairies, by Andrew Jones (Vancouver Island): What if you discovered an enchanted forest through your bedroom door? Join Anna as she embarks on an unexpected adventure!
  • Graft, by Steve Schwartz (Vancouver): Reeling from the loss of his wife, Elliot turns a new company called Cultivar to bring a clone of her back, but only for 24 hours.
  • Homeowner, by Ryan Curtis (Vancouver): Under the roof lies a terrifying secret.
  • Singer Sisters, by Amanda Lockitch (Vancouver): A desperate talent agent battles the superficial film industry, but must convince her star client to go under the knife for a lead role on network tv.
  • The Dishwasher, by Matthew Johnson (Vancouver): A dishwasher's dream of becoming a professional chef takes one step closer to reality when an unlikely alliance is found with a young streetwalker.
  • The Third Bandit, by David I Strasser (Vancouver): Two runaways are taken in by a cult-like family, only to be exploited by its leader. During an ill- fated heist, the duo kidnaps a mysterious stranger.
  • The Man and the Dog, by Wayne Hoecherl (Vancouver): A newly employed factory worker encounters a series of events that lead to a startling epiphany – his job isn’t quite what he thinks it is.
  • Umbrageous, by Jesse Pickett (Vancouver): Four forest-children, Wolf, Lynx, Moose, and Osprey, discover a dead body and a gun. The gun casts a shadow upon them, leaving them forever changed.
  • Unit Bryan, by Jem Garrard (Vancouver): A bored retail store employee is tasked with training the stores new employee: a friendly worker robot.
  • United Guys Network, by Tabatha Golat (Vancouver): Paul is a doting husband. He makes the other guys in the neighbourhood look bad. The United Guys Network steps in to reprogram him to be 'manly.'

Category: Experimental

  • Alpha, by Eron Carruth (Vancouver): An elderly inventor’s life is forever changed when his humanoid robot child takes on a life of its own.
  • Last Night, by Carlo Solanoy (Vancouver): Last Night is an animated short film about kids and their dreams. You will see some fun and quirky tales come to life.
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Q&A with Our Alberta Music Video Winning Team for Mercy

Written by TELUS on Friday September 4, 2015

We’ve wrapped up the Music Video Edition of STORYHIVE, and after months of hard work and stiff competition, two winners were selected: Falling for the Evening (Vancouver) and Mercy (Calgary).

We had a chat with each winning team to learn more about them and the inside scoop on their experience with STORYHIVE.

This interview features Laura Combden, creator of Mercy. For some behind the scenes outtake watch the "Making of Mercy".

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Q&A with Our BC Music Video Winning Team for Falling for the Evening

Written by TELUS on Monday August 31, 2015

The third installment of STORYHIVE has come to a close – but that’s not the last you’ll hear of the Music Video Edition!

After months of hard work and stiff competition, two winners have been selected: Falling for the Evening (Vancouver) and Mercy (Calgary).

We had a chat with each winning team to find out more about them and their experience with STORYHIVE.

This is the first of two interviews with our Music Video winners, featuring STORYHIVE Project Lead Evan Bourque, of the Falling for the Evening team. Stay tuned to hear from Laura Combden of Mercy.

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