5 Artists That Changed Their Career With One Shot

Written by Telus on Wednesday March 25, 2015

Music videos can put an artist on the cultural radar, but it’s no easy task. In the YouTube era, a music video has to truly stand apart to be noticed. And for many musicians, that means raising the bar creatively and setting up an insanely challenging video shoot.

These 5 music videos are all made with a single shot. The complexity and execution are awesome and inspiring.

1. “Hideaway” by Kiesza

This Calgarian burst onto the scene in 2014 thanks to the hooky chorus (”Hoo! Hah!”) and this brilliant Brooklyn-set one-shot dance spectacular. The result? THREE Juno Awards and over 209 MILLION YouTube views. Hoo! Hah!

2. “Americanarama” by Hollerado

This Ottawa band had a team of 24 people rehearsing like mad to pull off this one-shot wonder that includes lyrics, bass tab, and Space Invaders. Current YouTube view tally: over 1.3 million.

3. “1234″ by Feist

Feist pulled off an insane triple play with “1234″: she crafted a terrific, catchy song, the tune was featured in a massively popular iPod commercial, AND she created one of the coolest one-shot dance videos in history. (How did they hide all those people?).

4. "Subterranean Homesick Blues,” Bob Dylan

This is the grand-daddy of all one-shot videos and one of the most iconic and influential music videos of all-time. It’s also one of the cheapest, coolest music videos ever created. And the best part? The beautiful simplicity of the concept is a perfect match for Dylan’s songwriting. Genius.

5. “Here It Goes Again,” OK Go

How could any one-shot video list NOT include the modern masters of this sub-genre, OK Go? This is the video that put the band on the map. One-shot, all on treadmills. They have since defined their careers with one-shot music videos, including their latest opus with a drone.

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