5 Tips for a Great Music Video Treatment

Written by Telus on Wednesday April 8, 2015

This is your chance to show our jury that you know what you’re doing. Take the treatment seriously. Seriously.

1. Make it look great and don’t whip it off.

You could win $10,000! That’s 10 x $1,000 dollar bills! Put in some effort. Earn it! This is Poison Snake’s slick opening page of their treatment:

2. Budget smartly

You need to explain how you will spend $10k on your video … in detail. $10k - no more, no less. Our jury knows what music videos cost, so do your homework and make a realistic budget and technical treatment.

3. Sell us your story!

Describe the video you want to make with details. Sell us your story.

Again, your treatment should match the budget. You cannot make Avatar for $10k. (If you think you can make Avatar for $10k, please tell us how). If your treatment can’t be made for $10k, you won’t get funded. If you have additional sources of funding, that totally cool - just let us know so that the jury has all the information they need to evaluate your pitch.

4. Don’t pitch a video that’s ‘too hot for TV’

This is a family show, folks. Our program is designed for general audiences, which includes kids. If you wouldn’t want your mom, your dad, your grandparents, or your kids to see this video, it’s probably not going to get funded.

So please keep it clean.

That means:

  • no excessive violence
  • no explicit sex or nudity
  • no drugs
  • don’t pitch anything else that couldn’t be shown on TV during daylight hours with children watching

5. Grammar and spelling

If it doesn’t look good when you write it, it won’t look any better when we get it.

Please do your best not to use poor grammar, rotten spelling, unreadable spreadsheets, or anything else that would make our eyes hurt.


Just sayin’…

6. The Early Bird Special

DON’T LEAVE YOUR APPLICATION TO THE LAST DAY. (We know just said don’t do ALL CAPS, but this is important! Many of your competitors will be scrambling at the last minute to get their entries finished and believe us, it will show.

Get cracking ASAP and make sure you leave time for any revision requests to be accommodated. Make your mom proud and hand it in early!

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