5 Tips for Making a Great Pitch Video

Written by Telus on Tuesday April 7, 2015

1. Tell us what you want to make.

Minimum expectation: your team should tell us about the music video you want to make. But feel free to get more creative.

2. Show us the look and feel you want.

Even better: think about a ‘mood board’ - show us the feel and tone you want to produce.

3. Keep it short!

Timing: this is only 30-60 seconds. Seriously. 30 -60 seconds. Don’t make a 5 minute rambling pitch.

4. Don’t forget the music

You should definitely incorporate the song that you want to make a video for into your pitch video. After all, even a music video pitch without music isn’t all that compelling …

5. Give us a mini-preview.

Next level: shoot one scene from your music video. Show us what 30 seconds of your video will ACTUALLY look like and blow our minds.

Check out this example from Poison Snake:

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