6 Things You Can Learn From Our Web Series Winner, Night Owl High

Written by TELUS on Tuesday April 28, 2015

STORYHIVE’s Web Series Edition recently wrapped, and we were excited to announce four series winners: Coded (Vancouver), Night Owl High (Vancouver), Hug-O-Gram (Calgary) and Straight to Video: The B-movie Odyssey (Edmonton).

We recently sat down with each of the winning teams to find a bit more about each of them and give you the inside scoop on some of their tips and tricks.

This is the second in a four-part series with our Web Series winners, featuring Night Owl High:

Q. How did you get started in film?

Night Owl High (Kris McRonney): I started off as an actor, which I still am today, but have taken an interest in producing and other aspects of filmmaking.

Q. What was the inspiration behind your web series?

Night Owl High: The idea of our main character comes from the over-the-top vice-principals most of us experienced while growing up, and film noir classics of course. We really just wanted to create something fun that people of all ages could enjoy.

Q. What did you learn through STORYHIVE?

Night Owl High: I learned that there is so much more to the filmmaking process than meets the eye. We also learned about communication and how to meet strict deadlines.

Q. What was the most memorable moment working on this project?

Night Owl High: There are so many! Showing up to set the first day and realizing your vision is coming to life, and the positive and fun attitude everyone had while shooting. Basketball lunch breaks were a hit!

Q. What’s the one thing you think people applying to STORYHIVE should know?

Night Owl High: Be prepared to work!

Q. What’s your top tip for someone looking to get into the web series world?

Night Owl High: Stay focused on what you want, build your team and execute your dreams.

Q. What’s next for you?

Night Owl High: Night Owl High of course, and hopefully more opportunities as an actor or producer on future projects.

Want to hear more from our winners? Check out our interview with Coded.

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