Hive Talk: Voting Starts Today For The Top Two Music Video Winners!

Written by Prem Gill on Tuesday August 4, 2015

Hello Hive! After receiving their $10,000 grants, we’re excited to announce that our 20 STORYHIVE music video finalists are ready to show you what they’ve done with it, and prove why their projects deserve the $30,000 top award.

As a reminder, 10 finalists from British Columbia and 10 from Alberta were chosen by popular vote and a jury, and awarded $10,000 from TELUS to produce their own music video. Need a refresher on the top 20 projects? Check out a quick recap below!

The top winner from each province will receive an additional $20,000 for their next music video AND $10,000 to produce a documentary short. They’ll also receive distribution through TELUS Optik TV on demand and mentorship and training from industry professionals, helping them move from emerging artists to well-known talent!

Voting is open now, and closes August 12, so don’t forget to cast your vote here and have a say in the top award winners.

The winners will be announced at local screenings in Vancouver (August 18) and Calgary (August 20).

Want to join in the excitement? Visit or to grab a ticket. But hurry up – spots are limited!

Happy voting, everyone! And thanks for helping us support local talent and content creation.

Prem Gill

Director, Original Production & Programming, TELUS

Top 10 Alberta Finalists

Almost Human, by Every Hour Kills (Calgary): Every Hour Kills delivers world-class Metal with an EDM twist that ignites a fire in anyone that hears it. The music will tell you the rest.

Synopsis: Robotic surveillance protrude around the band, the resulting digitally distorted, pixelated frames they create are odd yet hauntingly beautiful.

Cannibal Café, by JR Gone Wild (Edmonton): JGW have been there, done that, came out the other side with their sense of humour intact. Authenticity and laughs is what they bring as patrons transform into frenzied creatures...

Synopsis: Innocent diners eat a strange form of meat that transforms them, while music lures them to an isolated barn where they face an unknown fate.

Falling Up, by The Ashley Hundred (Calgary): The Ashley Hundred brings their unique sound and style to life on the screen. Giving audiences far and wide a better picture of their story.

Synopsis: The Ashley Hundred’s ‘Falling Up’ is a folkadelic reverie of hyperbolically colourful proportions. A driving camera push takes us through alternating worlds of musical performance.

Mercy, by Petunia (Calgary): Petunia’s music grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. His singing ranges from the most delicate you’ve ever heard to the most powerful with influences from The White Stripes and Grizzly Bear.

Synopsis: Based on the dancing plague of 1518, hundreds of people become seized by an involuntary hysterical reaction to dance. The dancing remains unexplained.

More, by Arlo Maverick (Edmonton): Arlo Maverick’s forthcoming album is a multi-platform narrative that uses music, photos, poetry, social media, film and video to tell a complete story.

Synopsis: A young artist's encounter with his schoolyard bullies has a chain effect on the people within his community.

Princess Charming, by Must Be Tuesday (Edmonton): Must Be Tuesday is a solo alternative folk act from Edmonton that sings about the journey of a young person unable to be held back by traditional gender roles.

Synopsis: A celebration of personal identity that breaks gender stereotypes.

Second Attack, by Striker (Edmonton): After years of making the most ridiculous music videos they could afford, Striker wants to make the leap to truly insane with his multiplatform narrative that uses music, photos, poetry, social media and much more to tell a complete story.

Synopsis: Cloned back to life in the year 2085, Striker morphs into a giant robot to battle a sentient beer keg monster and save earth.

Stories, by In Codes (Calgary): In Codes hopes to not only further our individual careers, but to build community and inspire peers by creating fans of the song AND fans of the films story.

Synopsis: A hero who tries to right wrongs done to her sibling in a world where man and machine have become one.

The Way It Goes, by Dragon Fli Empire (Calgary): Dragon Fli Empire is an experienced, internationally recognized hip hop group from Calgary looking to work with video directors to bring their sound to the screen. Their song features soul-funk style along with the smokey- smooth vocals of Yolanda Sargeant.

Synopsis: After Hours Night Club, Cupid Agents and a Heated Dance-off! DFE suits up as our heroes go underground and undercover.

You Didn’t Make Me, by Andrea Nixon (Edmonton): "You Didn't Make Me" is an anthem written to inspire people to stand up for themselves and chart their own course. The narrative weaves together the stories of three different characters who face intimidation.

Synopsis: A troubled woman is inspired by a brave, young girl and a singer who empowers people to stand up for themselves and proclaim “aint gonna break me!”

Top 10 BC Finalists

Blue, by Pancake Manor (Vancouver Island): Pancake Manor creates original pop music for kids and their awesome parents.

Synopsis: Take a fantastic voyage through sky, sea and space to learn about the colour blue with Pancake Manor characters Zach, Reggie and Lulu.

Ennio, by HUMANS (Vancouver): HUMANS music video is a performance piece where every sample becomes a visual combining 5 different singers chanting in the chorus and 4 different drums playing at the same time.

Synopsis: Performance piece where each sample is represented by a different element.

Falling for the Evening, by Golden Ears (Vancouver): Golden Ears is an electronic Pop Duo based out of Vancouver, the song discusses the levels of independence in relationships.

Synopsis: Artists from around Vancouver come together to turn a house into an art installation, only to destroy all of their work!

Heart Like That, Alexz Johnson (Vancouver): Alexz Johnson is a touring singer/songwriter and actress from BC. Her song based, “Heart Like That”, is based on real events where Alexz hopes it gives strength to those moving on.

Synopsis: When a heart shatters, one has to make a choice.

Huskydoggetsheadmassage.mp3, by James Deen(Vancouver): Huskydoggetsheadmassage.mp3 is just about as blissful as it sounds. Combining different video effects and formats, along with a nostalgic twist, they plan on creating an emotional collage that works in tandem with the effortless energy of James Deen's track that together give the viewer a glimpse into some of life's most spectacular moments.

Synopsis: A drag queen, young boxer, religiously trill boy, and a newly crowned gang member all uncover a sense of self image in the year 2015.

Lay Beneath the Plough, by Shane Abram Nelken (Vancouver): Shan Abram Nelken hopes to raise awareness and encourage dialogue regarding depression/mental health issues as they affect young people with this song/video.

Synopsis: Ten year old Julie hides from the world, and herself, behind a fox mask. She believes everyone she meets is a threat. Can she reveal who she is and drop the mask?

Quality Time, by Jesse Roper (Vancouver Island): "Quality Time" is a reggae-ish love tune that Jesse Roper wanted to flip on its head with visuals inspired by hip hop music videos.

Synopsis: Blues musician Jesse Roper becomes a rapper. He is now widely considered the alpha and the omega of hip hop.

Shame, by Windmills (Vancouver/Kelowna): Vast and explorative, the Windmills, "Shame" is pushing through the mistakes we've made as imperfect beings in the pursuit of love, even in the face of great personal risk.

Synopsis: Our unshakeable heroine arrives at the shores of an unknown country where she embarks on a quest to find her lost love.

The Sleep of Endymion, by Midnight Mangoes (Vancouver): The Midnight Mangoes music is juicy and mysterious Progressive Rock spiced with Middle Eastern flair, world mythology and folklore.

Synopsis: Mortal lives fade into time, but gods live to regret. The Greek myth of Selene and Endymion as told by prog rockers Midnight Mangoes.

Tides, by Twin Bandit (Vancouver): Twin Bandit celebrate their native East Van, embody artistic integrity, and base their core values in respecting community and family.

Synopsis: Over the course of an entire day we follow a sailor battling with his inner demons over the open water.

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