Small Town Music Video Edition: THE SCOOP

Written by TELUS on Wednesday March 16, 2016

Ready to get $10,000 to create a music video? Here’s an easy breakdown to throw your hat in the ring.

The most important thing to remember if you want to participate in the STORYHIVE Music Videos: Small Town Edition is this - you need a Musician Lead and a Filmmaker Lead to sign up in the STORYHIVE Creators Directory. Also, your Project Lead, whether a musician or filmmaker, HAS to be from a small town. Here’s how to apply:

1. You need a Musician Lead

The musician or band for your project has to sign up and make a profile in the STORYHIVE Creators Directory. Fill out your profile with as much info as possible to show others in the directory who you are and what you’re all about.

2. You ALSO need a Filmmaker Lead

Whoever is the big cheese on the film side of the project needs to create a profile as well. Whether you’re a director, producer or costume designer, you can be the Filmmaker lead for your project.

3. Make a bangin’ profile

When filling out your profile, make sure that it’s as complete and bright as possible. An awesome picture, succinct elevator pitch and detailed bio will make you a perfect candidate for collaboration.

4. Partner up!

Musician Leads and Filmmaker Leads now have to partner up to apply for a project. If you need someone to partner up with, you can search the Creators Directory to find the band, director, producer, etc. of your dreams. If you’re already partnered up, create your profiles and start the process of applying for your music video project! The Musician or Filmmaker Lead who will apply on behalf of your project is called the PROJECT Lead. BUT please refer to step 5 to make sure your Project Lead is qualified to apply.

5. Hold up - Make sure your PROJECT Lead is from a small town

This is the STORYHIVE Music Videos: Small Town Edition after all! Your Project Lead, whether musician or filmmaker, HAS to be from a small town. (See here to see if your town qualifies as a small town). Musicians or filmmakers from major cities are still eligible to apply, but they cannot be the Project Lead.

6. Pitch + Plan

To recap: you now have both a Musician Lead and a Filmmaker Lead for your project, you’ve both signed up as part of the Creators Directory and now one of you, who is from a small town, is the Project Lead and will apply on behalf of your project. The Project Lead will create and fill out a project profile where you’ll give us the scoop on your project’s info like the name of the your song, your treatment, your budget, etc. Once that info is complete, you’ll submit your project and wait and see if you’ve been selected as a STORYHIVE funded project!

7. Watch For Revision Requests

Once all your elements are submitted, the STORYHIVE team may send you a request to make revisions. You will receive a revision request via email. You must make any required revisions before the deadline.

Way to go and good luck!! Can’t wait to see what you content creators have been up to.

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