Written by Telus on Monday April 6, 2015

The most important thing to remember if you want to participate in STORYHIVE Music Video Edition is this: you need a Music Artist Lead and a Filmmaker Lead to sign up in the STORYHIVE Creators Directory. Here’s how…

1. You need a Music Artist Lead.

Tony “The Beat” Handman is the Music Lead (and drummer!) for the band Poison Snake.He has filled out the profile for the band.

2. You ALSO need a Filmmaker Lead

Talia Singh is the Director Lead for the Poison Snake music video project.

3. Both Leads - Tony AND Talia - must join the STORYHIVE Creators Directory section before applying for STORYHIVE Music Video Edition

This is the Creators Directory:

Start here and sign up as either a music artist or a filmmaker. It’s pretty straightforward.

4. Awesome Photo

You’re gonna wanna have a good photo, so people check out your profile. Make sure it’s the right size. No fuzzy pixels. And although we love Instagram filters, we all know what they look like so you’re not fooling anyone. This is Poison Snake’s profile photo:

5. Nail Your Elevator Pitch

This is the first thing people will read about you and / or your band. It’s no longer than a tweet so make it sing. Here’s the one Tony wrote for Poison Snake:

6. Rock Your Bio - tell us who you are and make us care

Don’t worry if you haven’t won any massive industry awards yet. Tell us about your music or your films and your background so we can get to know you. Here is Talia’s Director bio:

7. Watch For Revision Requests

Once all your elements are submitted, the STORYHIVE team may send you a request to make revisions. You will receive any revision request via email. You must make any required revisions before the deadline. Now that both your leads are in the Creators directory, you can officially enterSTORYHIVE Music Video Edition. Check out our next post for how-to submit your music video pitch.

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